Video Content-as-a-Subscription.

Get folders full of remarkable video content sent to you in 6 days or less.

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Content as a Subscription - No grass

Actual folder. No exaggeration.

The Content Problem

You need content for your campaigns, but you don't have time to create it.

We get it.

That's why we've created a turnkey content machine that delivers folders full of videos directly to your inbox.

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Our Elegant Solution

We send you folders full of social-ready videos monthly. 

All you got to do is send us your raw videos with some notes on how you want it cut up. We'll take care of the rest, fast.

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The 3 must haves for your B2B content SQUARE (s).mp4-high

Example of a LinkedIn video from Kap's Show Notes

How we create your content.

We have a simple but proven process that helps us create remarkable shows, fast.

1. Send us the raw files.

Share your webinar, video podcast, speaking engagement, or talking-head video files with us in your very own Slack channel.

2. Tell us how you want it edited.

Even ask our team to add slides, video clips, and images that you want added to the content.

3. Receive your content

Get a folder full of videos sent back to you in less than 6 days (1x revision included).

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CaaS Pricing

4-month minimum contract
(Talk to sales for a 20% discount on 8mo and 12mo)


1x Folder/mo


4-month minimum


1x Full episode video
1x Full episode audio
2x Thumbnails
4x YouTube videos (and thumbnails)
4x LinkedIn videos
4x TikTok videos
4x social graphics


2x Folders/mo


4-month minimum


2x Full episode video
2x Full episode audio
4x Thumbnails
8x YouTube videos (and thumbnails)
8x LinkedIn videos
8x TikTok videos
8x social graphics


3x Folders/mo


4-month minimum


3x Full episode video
3x Full episode audio
6x Thumbnails
12x YouTube videos (and thumbnails)
12x LinkedIn videos
12x TikTok videos
12x social graphics

220115 SellX_Level Up with Steve Schmidt_Hosted by Kap Chatfield Starring Steve Schmidt_Ep_ Debunking the commission myth for to-high

Example from SellX's show, Level Up.

"One micro video from Rveal generated $60K of new business for me."

- Steve Schmidt (CRO of SellX and star of Level Up)

Brett Elliott - CEO at Skillwork and host of The Skillwork Forum

"95% of our clients are coming to us because of the content."

- Brett Elliott (CEO at Skillwork and co-host The Skillwork Forum)

Read Skillwork's Case Study

What people are saying

We saw an ROI of 70x in just the first year after launching our show, Sidebar. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Josh Peterson (Shareholder at XDD, Host of Sidebar)
Our show, The Skillwork Forum, is establishing us as the trusted Thought Leaders in our industry, and 95% of our clients are coming to us because of it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Brett Elliott (CEO at Skillwork, Co-host of The Skillwork Forum)
"The designs and the snippets look amazing! The quality is top notch - well done to the entire team!" Yaagneshwaran Ganesh (Author, Speaker)
"Love the way you and your team lay out the pieces - true pros." Rick Lambert (Host of The SMARKETING Show)
"You do the best show assets I've seen so far!" Michelle Griffin (Host of The Business Of You)
Lori Hahn

By the way, we eat what we cook, too. 👨‍🍳

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